Friday, November 23, 2007

The Blah Dressed At Fashion Rocks

Somewhere between the best dressed and the worst dressed comes the 'Blah' category. It's when we know they're not the best nor the worst dressed but something is still wrong.

Fergie is the head of the 'Blah' squad. She never takes a chance on the carpet, she's always wearing a short black dress. This time around her dress was alright but everything else was w-r-o-n-g. She looked like she hadn't washed her hair in weeks and those bags under her eyes didn't do her any justice either.

Ashlee Simpson usually looks cute on the red carpet and this time wasn't really an exception. Her dress was really cute, but also kinda blah, it was too simple for a fashion event. Her hair was really bad though, again, she looked like she hadn't washed her hair or gotten her roots done in ages. Her extensions are horrible, she needs to fire Ken Paves. Her hair is like 3 different shades--definitely a 'no no' for the red carpet.

Last but not least we have Mischa Barton. I was a little torn with this one. Again, the dress was alright, but still kinda blah. Her hair was horrible. It looks like she clipped it up while waiting to get her makeup done and forgot to fix it afterward.

So what do all the 'Blah' girls have in common? BAD hair! So even if your dress is alright, get your damn hair done people! It's supposed to be a complete look, not half ass.

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