Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fergie Felled by Food Poisoning

Fergie Felled by Food Poisoning

10/10/2007 11:00 AM, E! Online

It's definitely time for the Black Eyed Peas to invest in a private caterer.

The Grammy-winning rap outfit was forced to call off a gig in San Salvador midway through the show last Friday, after Fergie artist informed the crowd she had fallen ill from food poisoning—the same excuse proffered by band mate Taboo in Stockholm last month when the group was forced to suspend yet another tour stop.

"I am so sorry I can't give you the full show tonight," Fergie told the crowd of roughly 10,000 fans last week. "I am not one of those bitches who cancels their show for 'exhaustion,' okay?"

"I have never canceled a show in my life. I was basically sick on my death bed with food poisoning and I said, 'I cannot do the show, I can't do it. I'm not gonna do it to my fans and look like a jackass.'

"So, I got it together and I might not look pretty or cute or have makeup on or have changes, but you know what? I came here for you," she added, gesturing to the tracksuit, sunglasses and baseball cap she was sporting in lieu of her usual stage attire.

Fergie then launched into a brief a capella version of her solo hit, "Big Girls Don't Cry," before stopping to say she needed to get some fluids. Before exiting the stage, Fergie promised fans she would make up for her half-hearted performance by coming back to El Salvador and performing a free concert.

Moments after she ducked backstage, the crowd was informed that the concert was off.

The gig at San Salvador's Gimnasio Nacional was part of the group's Black, Blue and You tour of Mexico and Central America. In addition to the promised free concert by Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas' concert promoter, Two Show, announced that it will reschedule the concert for some time within the next three months, and that full refunds would be available to those who didn't want to try their chances at the follow-up gig.

By then, all the Peas should have a stockpile of Maalox.

The group nixed its Sept. 13 set in Stockholm about halfway through the show, when Fergie announced that Taboo had been taken to the emergency room. "We believe he has food poisoning," she said.

At the after-party, she told a reporter for the Swedish newspaper Expressen that Taboo was already out of the hospital, sleeping off the bug in their hotel room.


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